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When I record my HTTPS application with NeoLoad I have some certificate warning from the browser? Why?

I have an HTTPS web application to record. When I browse it manually (without NeoLoad) everything is fine. But when I make a NeoLoad recording, I have some warning from the browser. I can skip that warning but I'm not sure if I can continue from there or if I should fix that issue first.

NeoLoad is able to record any HTTP/HTTPS application. When you are doing a record, your browser is using the NeoLoad recorder proxy.

It is the NeoLoad certificate that is provided to the browser and this certificate is self-signed. That's why you got this warning in the browser.

To avoid that warning, you can import the NeoLoad trusted root authority certificate (DO_NOT_TRUST_NeoLoadRoot.cer ) into the browser's certificate authority key store. That will enable each certificate generated during an SSL recording to be authenticated, thus preventing the certificate error messages in the browser.

It can be found in the configuration sub-directory of the user profile directory.

In Windows, this configuration directory is %ApplicationData%/Neotys/NeoLoad/{Neoload version}/conf/


For example: Windows Vista: C:\Users\username\AppData\Roaming\Neotys\NeoLoad\{Neoload version}\conf\


To quickly go to that folder, in NeoLoad go to menu "Help-->Open logs folder..."

Then go back once in the tree folder and open the conf folder. You will find that cerfificate.


For more information about HTTPS recordings, see "Recording an HTTPS Application" under "Design" section in NeoLoad documentation.

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