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Unable to start the execution. No error appears.


The scripts are prepared in local machine where Neload Version 7.0 is present. Later the validated scripts are moved to VM's where we have complete load testing setup (Controller and Load generators Version 6.5).

We have prepared a population and scenario and given to start execution. After selecting the Play button, the tool stays in "Initializing" screen and we will not any response until the license lease period is over. We have to close the Neoload to perform other actions.

These are the check's done.
Population cache setup - Set to new
Load Generator agent - Started

Raghavendra M.
Raghavendra M.

Raghavendra M.

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Are you able to run a check virtual user from that machine?

Do you have monitoring setup in your project? If yes do you still have that issue if you disable all your monitors?