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How to Configure Jenkins and Neoload both are in a Separate Machine

What is the command line to run remote Neoload from Jenkins pipeline ... we tried this below code but not working..

neoloadRun executable: '\\\\\\NeoLoad 6.10\\bin\\NeoLoadCmd',
project: "\\\\\\test\\test.nlp",
scenario: "TravelsScenario",
testName: "First Test (build ${BUILD_NUMBER})",
testDescription: "A short, small load test",
autoArchive: 'true'

both NeoLoad and Jenkins are separate machine.. Jenkins pipeline above code added. but no luck..

venkat R.
venkat R.

venkat R.

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For jenkins to run a job on a separate machine, you need to install a jenkns node, basically a java agent that is connected to jenkins. On this node machine, you have Neoload installed. So jenkins is on the master, neoload is on the node. This video in the academy might help:

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