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How to create a transaction of each http request?

I am recording a Single Page Application. Once the recording is finished i get several "web pages" each containing one or more http requests. Once I run the load test the response time averages and min and max are only calculated for those "web pages" and the 90- 95- 99-percentiles are only calculated for the transactions which I explicitly have to define.

How can i get the min, max, median, 90 95 99 Percentile of each http request in a table without those artificial "Web Pages"?

Markus G.
Markus G.

Markus G.

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These extended statistics like percentile are only available for transactions. Such statistics require to store the raw data and because of the possible amount of data involved it's only done for transactions and not for pages/requests.

If your are interested on some raw data for few requests you can still include them inside individual transactions. But the size of your test result might be quite big if you do that for too many requests.

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