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I have a stand-alone AIR application. How do I get NeoLoad to record the traffic with it?

I need to test an AIR application and when I make a record with NeoLoad nothing is recorded. I don't know if there's any specific settings in NeoLoad in order to record my AIR application.

NeoLoad can record any HTTP traffics as soon as this traffic can go through a proxy. When you start a record, NeoLoad uses its own proxy to record the traffic between your browser and your application.

So after starting the record, you will see as proxy "localhost:8090" in your browser settings.

In case of AIR application, you don't use a browser so you will have to do one of two things:


  1. Use a setting within your app to change its proxy setting to go through NeoLoad recorder proxy
  2. Use Internet Explorer (Windows) proxy settings to go through NeoLoad (localhost:8090), as the AIR app will usually use these settings by default.


For more information about AIR application, see "Adobe Flex/AMF requests " under "Design" section.

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