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Neotys team server 2.0 to Neotys Team Server 3.0 - License Migration Question

We have currently Neotys Team Server 2.0. Planning to install latest version of Neotys Team Server 2.3.
The installation is in a new machine ( not the old one where Neotys Team Server 2.0 ) is installed.

These are the questions that I have.

(1) Is Neotys Team Server 2.3 the latest version of team server ?

To transfer licenses from one team server to another, what step should I follow

(1) Stop Neotys Team Server 2.0. Install the Neotys team server 2.3 in a new machine and login so that licenses will get activated automatically and reflected when I login ?



1. Launch the License Key Activation Wizard via the "Help / Activate license key..." menu item.

2. Select "Transfer key to another machine"

3. Neo Load generates a de-activation file named "license-inactivation.req".

4. This file must be e-mailed to Neotys at activation@neotys.com

5. You will receive a confirmation e-mail from Neotys to say that the key has been de-activated for that machine. You may now use your license on another machine.

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