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Which files and/or directories should be added to .gitignore?

I'm using git cvs for collaborating a NeoLoad project. Currently we have the following NeoLoad specific files and directories added to the .gitignore file.


Are there any additional files or directories, that are only necessary on a local workstation?

I think there's a misunderstanding. Your project is not under control using NeoLoad like i originally thought. When it's the case you should see a "team" folder with .git folder (hidden) and the .gitignore file.

 If i'm correct i would suggest you to go into the NeoLoad preferences to change the format of the configuration project. It's under Preferences-->Projects settings tab-->Advanced

The goal is to switch the configuration to xml files instead of a zip file. And this is the content of my .gitignore file in my project:




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@Nouredine A.: Sorry, but your answer isn't very clear to me. After creating a plain new NeoLoad project, there is no .gitignore file (and before you ask: I did list all the files). But maybe you can give me a hint on when .gitignore will be generated or simply what the default settings are. I couldn't find it within the documentation.