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Can I pause a rental license for few days?

I started my load test in the middle of a week and I use a 7 days license. I would like to pause my license time for the week-end. Is it possible?

When you load a license in NeoLoad, you will have to activate it. This process will link your license to your computer.

Since NeoLoad 4.0 a rental license can be paused so you will only spend days of use.

The count down starts when you start your first test. NeoLoad will prompt you to use 24 hours of your total rental days.

So let's say you start your first test at 3pm, you won't spend any more days until 3pm the next day.

Then if you don't run any test, NeoLoad won't consume any days. It will always prompt you when a new 24 hours rental day will be consumed and you'll have the choice to accept or not.

In older NeoLoad versions when you activate a 7 day rental license, it will expire at the same time 7 days later. And this is consecutive days.


For more information, see “License” section in NeoLoad documentation.

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