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Managing Multiple Licenses in Same system

HI Support
Need your advice on following. We have 2 Active 4 days Rental License now
a) 4 Days Rental License of Standard protocol for 1000 Users
b) 4 Days Rental License of Standard protocol for 100 Users

For the 1000 user license 1 day is used up and 3 days are remaining and for 100 user license all 4 days are remaining.

Currently in the Controller system the 1000 user license is Active.If i want to use the 100 user license next , please let us know how can we activate the 100 user license without impacting/using the existing 1000 user license.

We will be running the tests for both projects in sequence, so please let us know how to use multiple licenses in Same controller system so that the Rental day of the respective license only will be used up


Ramesh B.
Ramesh B.

Ramesh B.

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NeoLoad can handle multiple licenses at the same time. However, only the latest license loaded will appear in the license management.

Remember that even if a license does not appear in the license management, it is still linked to the computer and it will have to be deactivated to be used on another computer.