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"This site is not secure" on all SSL sites

When testing any site using https, I get a site is not secure warning. The certificate looks as if it was hijacked by neoload with the following error: DO_NOT_TRUST_NeoLoadRoot.cer

How do I get around this?

joshua M.
joshua M.

joshua M.

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In order to record your HTTPS application NeoLoad uses its own proxy between your browser and your server. It's what we call a man in the middle situation. That means that it's the NeoLoad certificate that is forwarded to your browser.

By default this certificate is not trusted that's why you may get a warning from the browser and you can see that it's the NeoLoad certificate that is used.

To avoid that message you need to import the NeoLoad Root certificate in your browser like described in the NeoLoad proxy home page while starting the recording.