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Extract value from Runtime Response data

I have to extract a value from runtime response of the script.
Can you let me know how we can create a regular expression from runtime data?

Ankur S.
Ankur S.

Ankur S.

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Hello Ankur,

Your question seems a little bit ambiguous.
But if you want to extract a value from a response of a specific resources, the process is the same in general.
First, you choose the resource, and you click on the advanced button and then you hit the variable extractors tab.

Second, you click on the plus (+) button and you will see an interface like the one in the screenshot.
At this point, you can either choose to switch to advanced mode to use regular expression to extract your value.

However according to the screenshot you provided, it may be convenient to use JSONPath expression to extract your dynamic value (feature depending on your Neoload version)

Best Regards,
Fousseyni B.