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How to make a graph in Jenkins plugin for nested container

I have a NeoLoad test running from Jenkins.
I want to create trend graphs for some important containers.
One of those containers is nested in other containers, loop and if the structure.
That containers also is a shared one.
See added file.
How do i create a curve for this container?

Patrick Z.
Patrick Z.

Patrick Z.

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The plugin is not compatible with shared container and trend graphs. An enhancement request is already opened for that but feel free to post an idea so it can be prioritzed properly.

Another customer was able to add such graph by modifying the neoload report directly in the job.

Basically in the Build section after the 'Execute a Neoload Scenario' step you add a new step to execute a shell script.

The goal of that shell script is to modify the "neoload-report/report.xml" file in order to move the content of the <shared-elements> inside the  <virtual-users> section.

Then prior to the 'Execute a Neoload Scenario' step in the "Define NeoLoad Trend Graphs" section you can call your shared container like any other transaction.