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how to parameterize the below situation

i have an interview_id which is dynamically taken from the DB.which is 31 in the SS attached and 2 is the candidate ID.so how do i extract this value in the variable extractor or is there some other way to do this.i mean should i user JavaScript.i need to parameterize the some variable in the SS.

Joyce J.
Joyce J.

Joyce J.

2 / 100


Without a full response content it's difficult to provide a valid rexgexp. But from a variable extractor in advanced mode if you use such regexp: "cand":"(\d{1})","intrw":"(\d{2})"\}

with a value template: $1$_$2$   does it work?

Here i assumed that the candidate ID is only 1 digit and 2 digits for the interviewer ID but of course you can customize it to suit your needs.