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Taking 5-8 mins to save the Virtual User Path.

I have created a script which will upload 100 files of 1GB size. I was able to record successfully but when I am doing customisation like expanding the page, saving or other action, it is taking 5-8 mins. Please look into this.

Garisanoori V.
Garisanoori V.

Garisanoori V.

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When you have recorded your script did you also upload a 1GB size file? In other words your script may contain that big file and so it can slow down NeoLoad while saving the project or doing other actions.

If it's the case the best would be to replace that upload request with a one that contains a lower size file.

Also make sure that your project is stored on a local disk since the disk speed will be a key to save your project. And finally you may have to increase the memory allocated to the NeoLoad controller.

Please lookk at the NeoLoad documentation here