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Java Custom Action API - How to add JVM Parameters to a Custom Action?

I've created a Custom Action, and I was able to add it to NeoLoad with no problems.
The issue I'm having is that for my code to work properly, I need to add a JVM argument to my program.
How can I add an argument? I can make it work through Eclipse, however, as NeoLoad is the one calling my Custom Action, I can't find a place to add the JVM arguments.

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If you need to handle system properties, I guess the best option in terms of ease of deployment is to set it in another custom action, called before the real one with 'System.setProperty("myproperty", "myvalue");'

If you ever need to modify the JVM settings then add a line in bin/NeoLoadGUI.vmoptions of the Controller and modify the key [LoadGenerator]lg.launcher.vm.parameters of the conf/agent.properties of each Load Generator.