Unanswered question

Is there a function or feature in Neoload that can zip (gzip) a file before sending it via HTTP POST request ?

I want to post a file via HTTP request. The server only accepts gzip file. I would like to know if I could browse to the file and tell Neoload to zip it before sending the post request.


Thanks Neil, but Fousseyni's request is about sending a gzip file vs getting a gzip response from the server.

It may depend on the method used to send the file, is it a simple POST or a POST MIME or POST Multipart/Form-Data?

As a simple POST you have to upload an already zipped content, NeoLoad won't do it for you for sure. If Mime or MultiPart, then I'm not sure. You can try to play with Transfer-Encoding = gzip, with an uncompressed content.