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Why errors NL-NETWORK-01 (java.util.concurrent.TimeoutException) appears for a while ?


I have some problems with Neolaod during loadtesting an ASP.net web application. Since
Hello, I have some troubles with Neoload during loadtesting an ASP.net web application. For a while, some errors like that appears "
Error Code: NL-NETWORK-01 Message: Network error: IO error occurred sending the request. Details: java.util.concurrent.TimeoutException: Idle timeout 300000ms "

I did not make any changes to my scenarios or in my config of the tool.These errors also appears when I use Neoload on the same machine as my web application.

Thank you for your help

Nicolas K.
Nicolas K.

Nicolas K.

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As you can see it's a timeout error. The load generator did not receive any response data from the server after that 5 minutes timeout. Most of the time that errors mean that the application server is overloaded.

Do you get those errors after reaching a specific load? Do you see an increasing of the response time prior to those errors?

Also if you run a test with multiple LG's do they all raise that error?

Do you get those errors on specific requests or on random requests inicluding resources URL's like for images, css, js etc...?