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Loop for a variables list?

Let us say we set up a variables countrylist list as below
countrycode langcode
us en
us ca
de en
de de
I want to do a loop for every row of this list, like in 1st request, it use us-en, 2nd use us-ca

Peter D.
Peter D.

Peter D.

1 / 100


Nouredine A.
Nouredine A.

Nouredine A.

5000 / 5000

How the variables are distributed is configured in your variable policy. It can be "for each virtual user", "on each iteration" etc...

So if you would like to use one row per Actions container iteration you need to choose "on each iteration".

Now if by loop you meant the "loop" logical action, you can for example define the change policy "For each virtual user" but within your loop use a Variable Modifier to jump to a new row on each loop iteration.

For more information please look at the NeoLoad documentation here