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Excel list substitution for loop of list of items


Below is my Post parameter, where it lists ICD-10 codes with the name description.

{"workingDiagnosis":"G43.D","description":" Abdominal migraine"}

I could create a csv list of ICD-10 codes and make this variable dynamic, but I do not want to do that because sometimes ICD-10 codes change.

With that said, when I search in my page, it gives me a list of options for all ICD-10 codes available.

How can I make this loop from the list of ICD-10 codes from the first code to the last code listed in my page?

Please see image attached on how the list of codes are displayed in the page.

Thank you


Neil W.
Neil W.

Neil W.

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Create an advanced variable extractor named icd for the ICD code and description, looking at the screenshot (*G43.D - Abdominal migraine") it will be something like

*(.*?) - (.*?)

The pattern will be $1$$2$

then you could loop round icd_matchNbr

entering {"workingDiagnosis":"${icd_${loop_Counter}_g1},"description":" ${icd_${loop_Counter}_g2}}