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Is there any process in Load Generator's task manager to identify if any test is utilizing that load generator?

I want to create a third party dashboard which would tell me the status of a load generator i.e. Available, Unavailable, Currently Being Utilized in a Test. etc. I am looking for a process in task manager of a load generator which runs only when a Neoload Test is running. I know there is a process "LoadGeneratorAgen.exe" that runs irrespective of whether or not a test is running.

Shubhendu M.
Shubhendu M.

Shubhendu M.

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When a test is started there's a java.exe process that is started for the load generator. So having that process up let you know if the LG is running or not.

It's different from the LoadGeneratorAgent.exe process which is the agent process. That agent is the green light that you can see on NeoLoad side under Runtime section.

Also when you manually start a standalone Agent there's a NeoLoad icon on the task bar that can provide you the status of the LG if it is in use or not. But it's a manual check from the UI.

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