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NeoLoad Command Line: Control SLA profile On/OFF


I am looking for a way to control or configure the SLA switching to ON or OFF state easily

By ON i meant the SLA profiles should be considered and the result should work accordingly
By OFF i meant the SLA profiles should not be considered i.e SLA are not applied to transactions/pages/ requests...simply it will looks like no sla has been to applied to them..

can we do this

From GUI mode of execution (and)
From command line mode of execution by passing any args


Dear Musaffir, we built the SLA system with the idea that the performance goal should not change with the test itself.(Ex: I consider my Transaction 'Search' as Failed when above 15s, whatever the test and the load).

I understand it may lack some flexibility. We need to keep this in mind for our SLA evolution.

In the short term, you can tweaks things by playing with the SLA configuration files that are located in <project>/sla_profiles in a readable XML format. You can change the files easily before an automated test (make sure to preserve the uids).

This method allows you to:

  • change the threshold from a test to another
  • enable/disable each sla-threshold

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Thanks Christophe for confirming it

As we know the application performance metrics can change based on the user load / data load changes etc
In that case I will not be able to maintain a constant SLA profile to a particular transaction/page/request

The value configured in the SLA also will need to modify accordingly
Do we have to do this in UI / SLA profile every time we expect a diff perf metrics of application ?
Is there any easy way to modify it during run time., or consider a diff SLA profile during run time..?