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How to use certificate in WebServices testing -


I am testing Web Services on a Web App for a client.

We need to use a certificate (p12 with password) to make the WebServices work.

i can, with a REST Client play the request after have imported the certificate in Firefox

but I can't Validate my request with Neoload (even after have imported and check the certificate needed) - i got this message :

Code erreur : NL-NETWORK-01 Message : Erreur réseau :

une erreur d'entrée/sortie est apparue pendant l'envoi de la requête. Détail : java.nio.channels.UnresolvedAddressException

I can't say if the certificate is well used.

I tried to record the WS request throught the REST Client, but Neoload can't do it. A 400 Bad Request error appears (Dev Tool of Firefox).

Just after, the message that appears in Firefox :
An error occured while fetching the resource: TypeError: NetworkError when attempting to fetch resource.
So, for sure, I can use this WS but not through Neoload.

can you help ?

Thank you by advance.

Best Regards.


Tanguy L.
Tanguy L.

Tanguy L.

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