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How to set ports in tunnel mode?

I am trying to verify how Neoload would work for a client using Surface tablet.
With Proxy: I was able to record the browser but applications like facebook, weather channel etc were not getting recorded.

With Tunnel Mode: I specified Neoload machine IP as DNS on tablet. Restarted the device and tried detecting servers. It displayed a server for weather channel with port as "80 ?". When I select it and continue, it displayed error that this port is in use. I then tried to add this server with different port however its not recording anything. What should be done?

Shishir J.
Shishir J.

Shishir J.

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The question mark means that NeoLoad was not able to identify if it is HTTPS or HTTPS communication. You can add both if you are not sure. If you record HTTPS applications make sure to load the NeoLoad  ROOT certificate in your system.

It also applies for tunnel mode recording. To validate your tunnel mode setup you should try to record browser application. If it works then it should also work for other applications.

Additionally, it is a bit confusing that you need to change the "80 ?" into just plain "80" by double clicking it in the detect servers window when they come up. The error is saying port "80 ?" (with question mark) is in use. Not port 80. Change it to plain port "80" and it will work.