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Record HTTP traffic with Tunnel mode

I read user guide and am verifying to record HTTP message with Tunnel mode but no luck. Here is the use case. Could you please, advise?

Use Case:

There are 2 machines

  • Machine A : (NeoLoad installed)
  • Machine B :
  • Scenario

    • Set Machine B's DNS as
    • NeoLoad can detect access from Machine B when I made some operations with browser (https://www.yahoo.co.jp)
    • Now, I stop "detect server," and remove everything except for https://www.yahoo.co.jp and manually set 443 as the port. I also enabled check on the SSL checkbox.
    • Click next and finished the setup and start recording.
    • Now, I made several operation from browser on Machine B on https://www.yahoo.co.jp.
    • Stopped recording, but no traffic was captured.

    What is going on?

    I have a question regarding "HTTPS IP ranged recording." What do I need to set? Should I set the range for machine A (172.24.254.*) or Machine B (172.16.25.*)? Please, advise.

Masashi I.
Masashi I.

Masashi I.

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