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Extracted value is not showing with a variable in particular request.


I have a GET request where session id has to pass. I am successfully extracted the session value from the previous request and replaced in all the required requests. But i noticed that in one request the session value is not showing and session id showing as "SessionId=". Also position of SessionId parameter is showing at the end of the request. Even it is not throwing any error.PFA. In couple of requests same value i have used and it is showing as expected.

Even I tried by adding "escaped.cookie.characters="".,&;" under Runtime in Controller.Properties file. But still no luck.

Garisanoori V.
Garisanoori V.

Garisanoori V.

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You should look at your server definition in NeoLoad if URL rewritting is enabled. If yes then you may need to disable it since it may automatically replace your SessionId value in the URL.


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