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SLA Profile Operator "Between" not functional

I am trying to create a SLA profile where if Avg. Transaction Response time is greater than or equal to 5 secs, show the status as failed. And if between 3-5 secs show a warning. But between operator doesn't seem to be functional as i am not able to enter the end value and any number i enter, a error saying "The start value must be lower than end value" is shown.I am currently using Neoload 6.1.2. PFA screenshot. Is this a functional bug or am i missing something?

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Hi, the simplest way is to set:
>3 Warning
>5 Error
(Error status overrides the Warning status)
You don't need the Between.

Regarding the "between" operator there's a layout issue where you need to enlarge the value column so that you can enter the End limit of the interval first.