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Can calculating average request/s start after delay which is set in population parameters?

I set the population parameter "delay" on 1000 s. This is needed in order to allow application to be up and running before starting performance test (on jenkins). But, average request/s is calculated from the start of the test and calculates that delay time too. So, for my application it means that instead of ~ 450 request/s my results show ~9 request/s.

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Vladana S.

Vladana S.

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So if i understand your application is not up and running when your start your NeoLoad Jobs. Would it not be easier to manage that in Jenkins itself by adding a build step and only start the NeoLoad jobs when your application is ready?

Otherwise you could add a pre-monitoring step of 1000s so the calculation of the statistics starts only after that period. It is configured in the advanced settings of your scenario.