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Neoload Cmd with docker load generators

Have installed Neolaod Linux on a Docker machine and trying to run the project from container. On same machine , got two separate container for Neoload load generators(port 7100, 7110).

While using NeoloadCmd command specified the load generators as specified here for On Premise load generators(https://www.neotys.com/documents/doc/cloud/nl-dynamic-inf...)

Neither the controller image is able to talk to load generator image, nor it communicates to neoload Web.

Docker Load generators can talk Neoload web as I have run few projects from my windows software.

. NeoLoadCmd -noGUI -project /home/neoload/neoload_projects/Sample_Project/Sample_Project.nlp --launch scenario1 -nlweb -nlwebAPIURL=XX.Xx.Xx.Xx:8080 -nlwebToken=XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX -loadGenerators /home/neoload/neoload/config/loadgenerators/loadgenerators.yaml

The following is output

Project Sample_Project loaded
Loading Load Generators definition...
Load Generators definition loaded.
Validating Load Generators definition...
Load Generators definition validated.
Retrieving the proxies...
No proxy declared.
Use the infrastructure: ABCD Infra
WARNING: Load Generator "Xx.Xx.Xx.Xx:7110" is not ready.
WARNING: Load Generator "" is not ready.
Launching scenario: scenario1 (00h:10m:00s)
No Load Generator Available
No Load Generator available to play the scenario. Scenario stopped.

Abort (stop) the infrastructures...

Both are Neoload 6.5.0(Controller + load generator images)

Abhishek R.
Abhishek R.

Abhishek R.

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Answers IP address seems to be the docker internal IP address. Are you sure that it's the one that should be used to connect to your LG in Docker?

I would use the IP address of the machine that hosts the Docker LG image instead.