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Compare Test Results when it runs from Jenkins CI

NeoLoad GUI gives an awesome feature where in you can compare two results and can generate a comparison report...

Can we do a similar thing when we run the load test using Jenkins CI

I would have a baseline test report to which I always want my subsequent test results to be compared and display the same at the end of the jenkins job execution


This option exists through the command line. I would suggest you to look at the NeoLoad documentation here for available options.

There are two options: -comparisonReport and -baseTest

You can also display those options by executing the command <install_dir>/.NeoLoadCmd --help

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Thanks Nouredine

can you please let me know what we actually meant by -baseTest option.

Is it the result file from your base line test ?
so that that result file will be compared with the newly executed result file ...
If we run from jenkins , the results will get saved or archived inside the build results... so if i ran my baseline test also in jenkins ,should we pass that result path poiting to the jenkins result ?

Warm Regards

Hi Nouredine,

Now I understand that the -baseTest option value should be the test result which you can take from the Result manage section in the neo load GUI...

then the comparison report get created ..