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How can I resolve a NL-OF-PLUGIN-ENGINE-01 error on an "initial_version" page, even the oracle server is well set?

During a validation test of a scenario written with Neoload 4.2 and migrated to v5.5, a NL-OF-PLUGIN-ENGINE-01 error occured on an "initial_version" page.

What I already did:

  • put the frmall.jar file into the right folder to be able to use Forms with Neoload -> the key negociation part works
  • check the INITIAL_CMDLINE into the XML part of the page: it contains record=names. So, the Oracle server seems to be well configured.

I have performance tests on tomorrow so I really need some help. Thanks in advance for you all.


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Does your 4.2 script still work?

You should try a new recording to make sure that your script is still valid in case somehting has changed in your application.

That error may have different root causes like dynamic parameters not correlated.