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Variable Extractor with dynamic values

I want to extract option value from this :
<optgroup label="Available Parties"> <option value="j8bhflpNr1qieNwELodNYQ">

Problem is, the optgroup label is sometime called "Available Parties" or sometime "Party Disponibles". The response difference comes from interface language setting of end-user.

Is it possible, in the extractor, to have my optgroup label dynamic where I could say to my extractor to use either of the two labels?

Thanks and have a nice day!

David P.
David P.

David P.

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If you switch in advance mode you can extract your value using that regexp based on your example:

<optgroup label="Available .{7,11}"> <option value="(.*?)">

Be careful, it might not work in your full response so you may have to adjust it a little bit.