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NL-NETWORK-01 in NeoLoad

We are working on Third party Web services (Rest API Calls) for Wealth management application, Frequently we are getting Nl-Network-01 error for which token ID is not getting generated(because of this it is throwing the 500 internal error) . when multiple users are accessing the application manually we are not facing any such issues.

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The error of the screenshot indicates that NeoLoad has a time-out after 300s waiting the response.

You can draw at the maximum time of your request. If it's increasing regularly until you get the error, then your server is overloaded. Otherwise, more information is required to understand what happens.

Hi Christophe,
Do we have a way in NeoLoad to increase this time out value from 300s to any further.

At my application for some scenario, we will have to wait for more than 300ss to get a response back...in that case am looking for an option to increase this time out .


As Neil said you need to increase the "runtime.connection.timeout=300000" under the <install_dir>\conf\controller.properties file under [Runtime] section.

By default it's 300000 ms. Do not increase it to much otherwise your virtual user could be stuck a while if the server does not respond at all.

Thank You both, really helpful

I see two parameters there


I undersatnd the first one. May I know what is the second one and how it is differ from 1st ?