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I am getting a "zip file is empty" file when trying to save my project. What can I do to not lose anything?


I just finished a 2 hour test. But i can not save my project, a very important one.
when I tried to save the Project, a message told that not enought space available.

I tried to "save as..." to save the project on another partition.
I got a dialog box saying : "saving scenario XXX..." (see the attachment). But the process seems blocked and I could not choose anothere location to save.
Behing the box, i found another one saying "the zip file is empty". And that's it. I can't do anything else.

I clean some things to get more available free space. But nothing better.

Have you a solution to not loose the datas of this project ? If I kill the process NeoloagGUI.exe, maybe I will loose everything.

Can you help ?

Thank you by advanced.

Tanguy L.
Tanguy L.

Tanguy L.

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