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Getting proxy error while recording

I am trying to record an application but getting error in attached screenshot. I tried both the option:
1. Without any proxy settings
2. Set proxy as- Localhost:8090

But when I click on record, it automatically get changed to http://pac.webdefence.global.blackspider.com/proxy.pac?p=....

Ankit K.
Ankit K.

Ankit K.

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You get that pop-up while starting your regarding since your browser is configured to use it. That's why NeoLoad prompts you if you would like to use that proxy during the recording.

If you need that proxy to reach your application then check the second option "access the server to test". If you do not need a proxy then you can ignore that pop-up.

To sum up that pop-up is not an error but just an informational pop-up.