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How to do dynamic parameterisation in NeoLoad?

Can someone help me to do dynamic parameterization in NeoLoad.
I am new to NeoLoad, It would be great if you provide me step by step process.

I have created a script and when I tried to reply it with load then I am getting HTTP/1.1 500 Internal Server Error?". From Neotys community, I came to know that dynamic parameterization will resolve my issue.

Sundar J.
Sundar J.

Sundar J.

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You can look at this quick video where it is explained how to correlate a dynamic value and optionnaly move it as framework parameter.

It's always the same steps for almost all the dynamic values. If you do not know which Id's are dynamic in your application, make twice the same recordings of the exact same steps and then check the Id's used on both recordings for same requests. If the values are different then it meansĀ  they are dynamics.