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Can the dynamic infrastructure orchestration tooling in NeoLoad Web be used with a Professional license?

We are currently evaluating NeoLoad/NeoLoad Web for fit with our team. In looking at the NeoLoad Web latest feature set we noticed the tooling for dynamic infrastructure orchestrator integration and it looks promising for managing load controller lifecycle thorough our provider. However, given that the configuration steps mention sizing/provisioning of controllers along with load generators, I was not sure if it would align with the use of a NeoLoad Professional license which would seemingly need to stay installed on a single, static controller. Is the Dynamic Infrastructure tooling in NeoLoad Web, compatible with such an installation or is it only suitable for Enterprise settings where license capacity can be distributed to dynamically managed controllers? I meant to evaluate more of the NeoLoad Web functions during my trial but it expired. Thank you.

Sean F.
Sean F.

Sean F.

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Your understanding is correct. In order to use the dynamic infrastructure feature you have to use an Entreprise license and you can't do it with a professional one for the reason you mentioned about the professional license link to a "static" controller.

The best would be to contact your sales rep at Neotys/Tricentis as she/he can help you on the license area to evaluate the dynamic infrastructure feature in NeoLoad Web.

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