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My localhost Load Generator won't start. Where is the Default LG groups config?

When I try to run my scenario I get an error message
Missing Load Generator "localhost" in Scenario xxx
but I can see it in the Default zone as ticked and green and the Check User Path works fine.

I do have a Local not found zone, which has a red X with a localhost underneath with a red X but I can't delete this entry or remove the zone.

Is this stored in the config zip somewhere or in the nlp, that I could edit?

Steven F.
Steven F.

Steven F.

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The list of LG's is stored in the config.zip file. If you edit it you have a repository.xml file that contains the list of LG's. The LG's definition starts with <lg-host hostname=

I would recommend you to make a backup of your whole project folder before modifying that file as you could corrupt it and loose your project content in case of issue.