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NeoLoad GUI local load generator not reachable

We have the issue that the local load generator which is used for the "check user path" functionality is only listening on port 0:0:0:0 and not localhost ( or the real IP). Therefore NeoLoad can't find it. What could be the issue?
Other programs eg. Eclipse can launch web applications (no fork) which are accessible, even from remote.

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Marc R.

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I do not think that your issue is related to that. By default the agent is listenning on which means that it will be reachable from outside of your computer which is expected.

From your log files it seems that you tried to start a checkvu or a test and in that case that agent is starting another "java.exe" process which is actually the LG process.

My guess is that you have in your machine an antivirus/firewall that is blocking the communication between these two local processes (agent <--> LG). If it's the case you should try to temporarly disable them (if possible).

I can also see from your log that the controller is not able to communicate with remote agents but it might be normal if they are not reachable.

Do you have an issue to run a checkvu using a remote LG? This can be done in the checkvu panel under Advanced settings. Just select from the drop down list the LG you would like to use assuming you have remote LG's available.