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How to manage browsers in recorded script ?

I designed a test that use Chrome browser but I want to run it also in : Firefox and IE without recording again. I was looking for an option in menu of script that help me manage browsers. Morover I would like to define that test should run three times and each time on other browser - how can I design it ? In test results file I don't see info about browser used in test - is there a possibility to customize this report and how ?

Agnieszka K.
Agnieszka K.

Agnieszka K.

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NeoLoad uses its own HTTP client since it works at protocol level. In other words, it does not matter which browser was used for the recording or which one is used for the replaying.

Even if you can modify the User-Agent (ie browser identification) that will be sent if your server does not use that information it will not matter for your results.