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How to do parameterization of user accounts ?

want to use a csv file like a source of data : username and password in order to use different users account during one test. My problem is that after recording test script I see only JSON "code" as POST parameter for action "login"

Is there something wrong with my script that I can't see a table with columns : name and values where is easy to add a csv file as a source ? How can I resolve this problem ?

Agnieszka K.
Agnieszka K.

Agnieszka K.

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There's different way to use a NeoLoad variable in a request. In your case it's a text content so you can just replace your credential directly by your variable name.

A NeoLoad variable starts with "${". NeoLoad will automatically show use the list of existing variable within a tooltip.

For your convenience i attached a screen shot so you understand better.