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Why Redirect Request is not returning 302 response as expected always?

The request /Authn/RemoteUser is not returning 302 response as expected always which is redirected from previous login request. Following login, four requests are redirected based on the previous request 302 response.Log in request is returning 302 response, however mentioned request is returning 302 response once and 200 response another for multiple iterations.Because of 200 response teh consecutive requests are getting failed with NL-REDIRECT-03 and NL_REDIRECT-04. The dynamic parameter is correlated which is getting passed in Cookie section of Header. Attaching the screenshot for reference. Pls help to resolve this issue

Abirami V.
Abirami V.

Abirami V.

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How did you design your script? Do you have your whole script under Actions container?

If yes if you look at the Actions container level, what do you have for the "reset user session" option. Is it Yes/No or automatic?

If automatic do you have any items in the Init or End containers?