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Is is possible to create a variable number of POST parameters for form submission?

My form POST as recorded has 10 Name=Value pairs - eg item[]=one, item[]=two, item[]=three...item[]=ten

The number of pairs will be dynamic, so the next time I perform the process it might only have 7 pairs.

Is it possible to have a POST submission that contains a dynamic number of name-value pairs?

Eg by creating the POST body in JavaScript?

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If a form is available on the previous response (or the referrer) then you may be able to change the type of your POST request in NeoLoad from "Manual definition" to "Submit a form from a previous response".

Then make sure that the form is found in the response of the referrer and it is correct.

By doing this, NeoLoad will use the parameters that are in the form from the referrer response.

For more details, you can look at the NeoLoad documentation here

The second option would be to use a Javascript to build the list of parameters with the syntax "name=value" separated by a "&" sign.

In that case you need to switch the POST request to "Text" type. The body of the POST request will only contain the variable that you will create from that Javascript and that will contain your parameters.


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