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NL-SIEBEL-PLUGIN-ENGINE in Neoload for Siebel CRM appliaction scripting

Dear Neoload support Team,
We are working on scripting a Siebel open UI application and we are getting the below ‘NL-SIEBEL-PLUGIN-ENGINE-02’ error instead of the response for a particular Siebel request.
We have validated the request and the request looks fine will all the dynamic values handled. We also tried adding this error to ‘controller.properties’ file but that doesn’t solve the issue. Request you to suggest in this case.

Best Regards,
Yuvaraj R

Yuvaraj R.
Yuvaraj R.

Yuvaraj R.

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Looking at your screen shot it seems that there were an issue to convert the SIEBEL request content to an XML format. So i guess your replaying issue is only a consequence of that issue since no dynamic parameters has been sent in that request.

Did you get any issue when recording that scrpt with NeoLoad?