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Cookie handling for Oracle 12c

EDIT: This is issue with only Internet Explorer browser. I'm just going to use Mozilla Firefox.
I have a question about how neoload handles cookies for Oracle 12c. The cookie is in the following format:
I think my test is breaking because ORA_ADF_VIEW_LOOPBACK_ID is not properly set (i think it should be set to afrLoop extracted from the previous page)
I tried using javacscript but I'm new to it and am currently stuck at getting a current jsession id to add to a cookie value. Is javascript a good way to handle it? Is there any other way to set a cookie parameter? Please see screenshot of parameters requested.
Additional question: if I do use javascript, how do I make sure it's run for every page? I based my code on this sample: http://www.neotys.com/documents/doc/neoload/latest/en/html/#996.htm#o1002


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When you replay a script with NeoLoad, by default NeoLoad automatically handles the cookies.

That means, if the server set a cookie with the "Set-Cookie" command then NeoLoad will use the new value sent by the server.

If your cookie "ORA_ADF_VIEW_LOOPBACK_ID" is a server cookie that means that the value during validation is the one sent by the server.

If it's not the right value then probably your script is not working and that cookie issue is only a consequence.

You should check and compare the previous transactions to make sure that you got the right server responses.