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I want to go to previous request and resubmit?

I have one script with five steps in 3rd third i want to put some assertion according to that will proceed for next step or previous step .... for example According to attach image I am on Detail_rate_rule step if Extracted_variable_10 return "BC " then proceed to BookPage otherwise to back to Run Search Page......

please have a look on image

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You have different ways to achieve that goal and it depends on if you would like to re-execute that search request one more time or many times until you get your result.

But i think a while loop should be suitable for both needs.

Basically, put your search request inside a while loop. As condition of your while loop, you could use this: ${VariableExtractor} does not equal to BC.

That means that while the condition is true the while loop will execute the search. When the variable extractor will contain your value it will exit.

Make sure to configure your variable extractor to not raise any error if there's no match. It is done on the Error tab of your variable extractor.

And also before your while loop, i would suggest you to use a Javascript to set a default value to your variable extractor.

That should do the trick.

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