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Mobile App unable to record


Unable to record activities performed in Mobile safari/APP

I am getting below error

Internet Explorer is hardcoded not to send requests for localhost through a proxy. As a proxy, the tool cannot intercept and record such traffic.
The workaround is to use your machine name as the hostname instead of localhost or
For instance, instead of using http://localhost:8080/myapplication.php, use http://machinename:8080/myapplication.php. Alternatively, you may use http://localhost.:8080/myapplication.php (note the trailing period after localhost).

Below setting follows :

1. Preference -> Http Recorder : Changed to 8090
2. Selected IP accessiable from Client : Current ip of the system ( Eg1.1.1.8)
3. In Iphone5, TurnOn to Airoplane mode
4. Select Wifi
5. Manual Proxy gave above similar ip and port 8090
6. In Start Recording : Selected Proxy Mode and check Start Client ( IE browser) with Identify as (Iphone5)

Attached Snapshot of setting and recording snapshot

Kindly verify and provide the solution,.

Rohan M.
Rohan M.

Rohan M.

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