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we are unable to connect device through a server

We are trying to connect a device through the server but we have faced the so many times same error which we are showed in screenshot .

Please request you to solve our problem

Neha A.
Neha A.

Neha A.

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Looking at your screen shot it seems that you are trying to record a google application. Is it really the case?

You have selected 3 servers with SSL option checked. In order to record those 3 servers, you need to configure an additional IP addresse on your machine.

Make sure that on the NeoLoad preferences the IP range matches your real IP range. And then add an available IP address on your machine so NeoLoad can use it.

The second issue is related to the ports discovered which are 80?. It means that NeoLoad was not able to idenfity the real port and so it has to be done manually. You have to remove that question mark and set the real port.

If your goal is not to record a Google application then make sure that your server appears on the list and then select only that server and remove the other ones.

For more information please look at the NeoLoad documentation here