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Framework correlation

Hi support,

Currently iam busy to use the framework correlation within NEOLOAD. It's working correct until now...i only have in issue's with
correlate the epoch Timestamp automaticly

find below some requests:

iám using a regular expression like :

[0-9]{13} (check attachment; if a do a search and replace within the edit menu it works)

so find all 13 digit numbers (i need to enhance) but till now it's not working; i will attach a screenshot also...
GET http://lx303253.cibapp.nl:8080/runtime/VAADIN/widgetsets/... HTTP/1.1
http://lx303253.cibapp.nl:8080/runtime/server/vaadin/sess... HTTP/1.1

So what i want to achieve; replace all epoch timestamps within the script with a parameter ${epochTime}

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