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when performance testing of the Native application, when set the proxy on device app is not geting open a?

I want performance testing of Native application but when set the proxy(System_IP and Port: 8090) on the mobile, only home page is getting open another question is i am not getting response from the server it displaying 401 and 500 error. kindly help

Anurag T.
Anurag T.

Anurag T.

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First thing to check is the connectiviy between your mobile and the NeoLoad machine. When you set the NeoLoad proxy on your mobile and if you start a browser on your mobile are you able to record the transactions?

If you try with HTTPS application make sure that the NeoLoad certificate has been imported in your mobile device.

You said that "home page is getting open". Do you mean that NeoLoad did record that page or that the application worked until the home page?