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No Recording box appearing on linux system

After selecting client as Firefox and checking delete and clear cookies option and clicking on "Ok" button , it asks to close all browsers instance but after that it does not launches anything

Rachit C.
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Rachit C.

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First make sure that you do not have any other Firefox instances running in the background and try again.

If you open the NeoLoad log files through the menu "Help-->Open logs folder..." and check the "neoload***.log" files. Do you have any error related to Firefox?

If you already have a recorded a request in your project then go to the advanced panel of that request and then select the recorded response tab. You have a "Open in browser" button. Does it open Firefox?

Otherwise as workaround you can still manually start Firefox and change the proxy settings to "localhost:8090" and then start a NeoLoad recording without starting the browser. It will allow you to record your script.